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The suggested best route to get the maximum value from all therapies is

  1.  Phone 0114 2551345 to arrange for your free assessment consultation.

  Note A. For our Nutritionist to be effective it is important that you complete the questionnaire that we send to each client by post.

  Note B. For people who live remote from Sheffield we usually send out a map and clear instructions on how to find The Caring Clinic. If you need further  help ask anyone for directions to Old Nether Edge Hospital- we are close by.

  Note C. During the free assessment you will get a feel for the type of changes likely to be suggested.

  Subsequent procedure Nutrition Therapy by Brian Hampton

  2. After the free assessment the first full appointment usually last for about 1= hours. During that appointment Brian Hampton will provide a constructive criticism of your current diet, calculate the range of supplements likely to be needed to restore your health and use the rest of the time (usually the majority of the time) to explain the benefits from changing your food selection.

  3. The first follow up appointment takes place after one month (28 days). Brian will review progress, make additional suggestions and introduce other techniques that usually speed the healing process. This is usually a full appointment.

Note. Between appointments Brian is generally available by telephone should there be any pressing questions to deal with.

  4. Subsequent appointments are then client led. They can be full or half appointments. The minimum requirement is a review after a further two months. There is no maximum.As a guide very few clients need more than 3 appointments spread through 5 months. This could mean three full appointments and a half hour appointment or it could be two full appointments with three follow up appointments of hour duration. Decisions are always based on your needs.

  When you are as well as you want to be, we stop.

Subsequent procedure Multiple Therapies by Pam Hampton

A session in Healing or any of the Multiple Therapies lasts approximately 1 hour and can be spaced weekly or monthly according to your need. Sometimes one treatment is enough. 

Appointments can be made by ringing our friendly receptionist on 

0114 255 1345.

Clinic Hours:     Monday Closed

                           Tuesday to Friday 9.30 to 5.30

                           Saturday 9.30 to 1.30

Sorry no wheelchair access, my treatment room is on the first floor.



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